What I’ve been reading

The volume of books I’ve been reading has been increasing month by month. Now that I’m writing my own book, I’ve found I’m consuming texts faster than ever before. At University we’re encouraged that we should be reading more than we’re writing, something that I was a bit skeptical of at the start, but now I agree with them totally. The more texts I’m reading the better and more confident my own work is becoming.

So today I thought I’d give you a glimpse into some of the books I’ve been reading this year. I use a Kindle for my reading so all of the photos have been sourced from Goodreads. Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what your thoughts are of them, I’d love to hear what you guys think of them. As always, if you have any book recommendations then please do let me know and I’ll check them out. At the moment I’m loving the non-fiction genre but we’re encouraged to read widely so I’ll take a chance on most book.

The Savior’s Champion by Jenna Moreci


This book was on my to read pile for way too long and I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get round to reading it sooner. I’ve been following the author’s YouTube channel for well over a year now, so I remember hearing about this book as it was in it’s early outlining stages. I was so excited when the book was launched, but for some unknown reason I didn’t get round to reading it until this year.

It’s a fantasy YA/ adult book that is closely influenced by Greek mythology. It follows Tobias as he competes in a deadly tournament for the hand of the Savior, only Tobias isn’t in the tournament because he loves the Savior. The book doesn’t hold any punches, you’re going to be in for a ride. There are so many plot twists and moments where I had to put the book down, gather my thoughts and just go wow. If you’re looking for a book with a compelling, exciting plot with a HEALTHY romantic subplot (these are so difficult to come by lately), then please give this book a read. Also, if you’re an aspiring writer then make sure you check out Jenna’s YouTube channel, it’s full of great advice.

What if? by Randall Munroe


If you think the non-fiction genre is boring then I can say with confidence you’ve never read this book. The full title is, What if? Serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions and it’s a great book. This was my bed time read for weeks because once I’d finished it I’d go back to the start and read it again, I loved it so much.

The best way to describe it is a collection of short ‘stories’ that are real answers to absolutely absurd scientific questions like what would happen if everyone stood as close to each other as they could and all jump at the same time? Or, if two immortal people were the only people on earth but placed at opposite sides of the planet how long would it take for them to cross paths? Its a funny book that explains things clearly. If you’re going to read one book this year, make it this one!

This book will make you sleep by Dr Jessamy Hibberd and Jo Usmar


I go through periods of insomnia every now and then and in January, after I had gone home at the Christmas break, I redeveloped it again. I was fed up with it after it’d been three weeks and I knew I had to take control of things. Normally I stay away from all self help books, but I’d heard good things about this book and I decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did. This book teaches you how to sleep, it’s as simple as that.

This book is very real with you from the get go, it doesn’t promise to wave a magic wand and you’re going to sleep, it tells you that you need to put in the effort and work with what it’s telling you to do. It’s very practical and interactive, I wrote so many notes whilst reading it and I can honestly say it made a difference. But as I said above, it’s made very clear from the start that you need to put the time and effort into implementing the techniques for it to work, and I’d agree with the authors on this one. I still use the techniques this book taught me now, but I also know that if I miss a few steps or only put half effort in, it’s not going to work. If you’re struggling with sleep then I’d be recommending this book to you.

What have you all been reading lately?

I’m always reading two books at once, one fiction and one non-fiction. I find it nice to be able to slip into a fiction world if I need to escape reality, and then go into the realms of knowledge in non-fiction when I’m feeling curious. At the moment I do have a preference towards non-fiction so I’m reading them a lot faster than fiction (why only one fiction book has made an appearance in today’s post) what’s been a bit of a surprise for me. It’s only since I’ve been at university I’ve taken a keen interest into the world on non-fiction.

At the moment, I’m currently reading the Artemis Fowl series for the first time. My boyfriend has been recommending it for ever and I’ve never gotten round to it, I never read it as a child either. It’s been nice dipping into the world of children’s fiction, especially since it’s a module I’m taking at University at the moment. Another book I’m making my way through is The body keeps the score, what’s all about the body’s response to trauma. It’s a tad heavy but it’s fascinating.

If you want to keep more up to date about what I’m reading then you can always follow me on Goodreads. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ll see you all next Wednesday.

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading

  1. I’ve been reading nonfiction, uncharacteristically of me. I just finished two work-related books. (Did I ever tell you what I do for work? I don’t remember, but I know I don’t say it anymore on WordPress because knowing what I do for work now is a spoiler for stories I’m eventually going to write about in 1997 when I was around your age and figuring out my future career.) I’m also reading Launch by Nelson Searcy, about how to start a new church, which I’m working on doing with some people from the last church I was going to regularly.

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    1. I know quite a few people who have been reading non-fiction lately (what they don’t normally do) so maybe it’s making a come back. I believe you have told me before what your job is. I’ll check out Launch.

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