UPDATE – A short break

Hello all, juts a quick post off me to explain some of the changes that’ll be going on in the next month or so. Long story short, I’m taking a bit of a break from my blog. It’s something I’ve been debating for a couple of months, and with lockdown easing here in the UK, now feels like the perfect time.

I’ve been blogging for 4 years this month, and have only ever took one break in all that time. I’ve always loved writing so it’s not something that’s ever bothered me, and I still enjoy sitting down behind my laptop to talk to you all. However, the past few months I’ve began to grow tired.

The whole COVID19 situation has been a real game changer for me… it has been for a lot of people. I’ve had a lot of time to sit back and reflect on where I want my life to go, what do I want to be spending my time on?

Most of lockdown has seen me hiding behind my laptop writing to guys, pushing my content further and further, challenging myself as a content creator and most importantly as a writer. It’s been amazing for my blog, but it hasn’t been good for me.

I’ve reached the point where I want to branch out and try some other avenues, to see what else I’m made of. I’ve always wanted to write a book however, all of my time goes into this blog. I’ve wanted to start my own business and do so much.

So I got a job, started my business and outlined my book. Three very time consuming tasks have just entered my life and guys, I’m so excited. For the first time in a long time I’m excited for the future. But to get through having a job, running my business, writing my book and having a rest, something needs to give and that something is going to be blogging.

I’m giving myself August off, a month to try new things and see where they take me. The plan is to see how I feel about everything in a month time and move on from there. I may need longer than a month, I may not. But I felt that it was best if I gave you all a heads up. By no means is this goodbye, I have no intentions of stopping blogging full-stop. However, I do need a bit of a break.

I’m still going to be hanging around my social media for the month and posting as and when I have time on them, so make sure you’re following for any updates. Also, if you’re curious about what some much of my time is going into you can check out my ETSY store – Hyper Hoot

Thank you for all of your support, and I will see you in a month!

The Back Up Plan- Review

At the moment we could all do with that little something that gives us the feel good factor, something that puts a smile on your face. For me, that was reading The Back Up Plan by Elsie McArthur. This Scottish romance was just what I needed to cheer me up and keep me entertained over lockdown.

I was given this book by Elsie in exchange for an honest review not too long after lockdown started here in the UK. As with all of my review, the options that I give are my own and have not be influenced in any way by the fact that I was gifted the book by the author. Don’t worry, you guys will always get my honest opinion.

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2020 reading challenge – mid-year check in

Well we’re past the half way point of 2020. Congratulations, it’s been quite a year so far.

Like many book lovers I decided to take part in the Goodreads reading challenge. It’s the first year I’ve ever participated with the challenge, I’m slightly ashamed to say that until December, Goodreads wasn’t even on my radar (not sure how I managed to miss it).

I set myself the goal to read 20 books this year. I fully understand that this may seen low for a book blogger and to start off with I was pretty ashamed about it. I’ve seen many bloggers who have 50-70 books as their goal, and then there’s me with a measly 20. However, over the year I’ve began to lessen some of the insecurity of it. At the end of the day I’m dyslexic and have Irlens… I can’t exactly read fast.

Anyway, with us past the mid year mark now is a good time to reflect on how I’d doing reading and if I’m on track.

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Favourite read of June – Doing it by Hannah Witton

Somehow June is almost over despite it feeling like it’s been all of three days since May 31st. I don’t know what is up with time at the moment but sometimes it drags by and other days (most days in my case) zoom past with no regard for speed limits. Either way, the month is coming to a close and I thought now would be a great time to have a good ramble about my favourite read of the month, Doing it by Hannah Witton. It’s a book all about sex… yeah that awkward topic.

Lets get one thing straight, if I’m talking you all about a book that’s main topic is sex, you know it’s a good book because if it wasn’t I’d be saving myself the embarrassment. Not going to lie I’m as easily embarrassed as people get. I don’t care that I’m 21, I’m squeamish and think everything in that department is gross. So, if I of ALL people, am happy and comfortable discussing this book with you, then you know it has to be good. I wouldn’t put myself in this position if I didn’t think this book was incredible and worth a read.

Not going to lie, I never expected to like Doing it, like I said I’m easily embarrassed. However, I believe in supporting the creators I love, what means that if they have a book, I’m going to buy it and give it a read. In this case it turned out to be a fantastic idea as it turned out to be my favourite read of the month.

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