Bullet Journal pages that I can’t do without

Life can get a little hectic right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re at college, university, work or just live a busy lifestyle. All of us can feel a tad overwhelmed at point. Or if you’re like me and you’re attempting to do a million things at once, well… you can feel like you’re drowning on a good day.

We’re only human, so it’s next to impossible to remember ever date, meeting and task. So a lot of us turn to planners to try to make sence of everything.

But a normal planer never did it for me.

I’m not sure if it was just too restrictive, inflexible or just too boring to want to use. I simply didn’t get a long with them. However, I needed something to get everything on paper.

Then I discovered bullet journaling.

It satisfied my creative side whilst being tailor made for me, not to mention it was flexible.

I use a trusty Leuchtturm 1917 (check out their shop here!) what I decorated with stickers from Redbubble.

After using a bullet journal for two and a half years, I’ve found that there are some pages that I simply can’t do without.

Gratitude Spread


For a surprisingly simple layout, this page is so important to me.

There’s the two sides to it, Things to be thankful for and Positives about me.

Down the side I wrote the number of days in the month, added a splash of colour because why not? Then BAM! one very pretty spread done and dusted.

You’ve probably already grasped the method behind it, everyday I write something to be thankful for and one positive thing about myself.

Let me assure you, writing one positive thing about myself everyday is hard. There have been days where I’ve sat looking at that page for longer than I’d admit. However, it has done wonders, so it’s something that I’d really recommend.

Reading Challenge and Savings


Not sure why these two ended up on the same page but hey, I never said my journal was perfect.

I don’t run my journal from January each year, instead I do it academically. It’s something I’d suggest you do if you’re at college or uni. Last August I set myself the challenge to read 20 books in a year. It’s now March and I’m four in but I’ll get there.

One thing this spread will highlight is how much colouring something in can motivate me.

When I finish a book I colour in a circle. The same goes for my saving page. If I save that amount, I get to colour a coin in.

Monthly Challenges


We’re back to colouring things in!

I never was able to maintain a habit tracker for a whole month. However, these little wheels are just as good. It’s up to you how many challenges you set yourself, but I like to go with three. I find reading very valuable, I seriously need to pass my theory driving test and I spend wayyy too much time in the company of others, that doesn’t matter if that’s in person or online, but I need some alone time. So, it’s these three areas that I chose to work on.

One thing I like about this page is how personalised you can make it. If you want to do something everyday then you can split your circle up into thirty, if you only want to do it a few times then you reduce the amount.

It’s just a nice, easy way of bringing your attention back to things you’d like to work on.

The Basics – monthly spread


The standard bullet journal layout includes a monthly log. These can come in many different forms but the idea behind them is the same.

As I’m in college I changed mine to include a section where I could log all the assignments that are due in that month. It comes in handy to just be able to see what needs to be done so I can prioritize.

I’ve separated my tasks and goals as well, by doing this it helps me seperate my personal development from the tasks I need to be compleating. It’s a simple way of making sure you look after yourself each month and don’t get too bogged down with the mounds of work you have to do.

It’s not my most exciting page but it is a page I can’t do without.

The Basics – daily log


Another basic page!

If you’ve even glanced at a bullet journal you’ll know what a daily log is, and if you don’t know what one is I’ll sum it up for you.

It’s the lifeblood of your bullet journal.

You need this page for your bullet journal to be a bullet journal.

Therefore, I can’t do without it.

For a hectic week – weekly spread


I mentioned earlier that I enjoyed how flexible these types of journals are. So when I have a very, very busy week I need a page that can withstand those big levels of crazy

This time I added water colours, becauseI like pretty things and needed some sort of motivation to look at that page.

Maybe I could have done without this page but what I couldn’t have done without is the flexibility of a bullet journal that allowed me to do that.


I’m still learning new tips and tricks with my bullet journal. This includes getting more stickers. But I hope look away some cool idea of things to add in your bullet journal.

If you guys have any pages that you use in your own journals, feel free to share them. It’d be great to find a few new ideas!


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