UPDATE – A short break

Hello all, juts a quick post off me to explain some of the changes that’ll be going on in the next month or so. Long story short, I’m taking a bit of a break from my blog. It’s something I’ve been debating for a couple of months, and with lockdown easing here in the UK, now feels like the perfect time.

I’ve been blogging for 4 years this month, and have only ever took one break in all that time. I’ve always loved writing so it’s not something that’s ever bothered me, and I still enjoy sitting down behind my laptop to talk to you all. However, the past few months I’ve began to grow tired.

The whole COVID19 situation has been a real game changer for me… it has been for a lot of people. I’ve had a lot of time to sit back and reflect on where I want my life to go, what do I want to be spending my time on?

Most of lockdown has seen me hiding behind my laptop writing to guys, pushing my content further and further, challenging myself as a content creator and most importantly as a writer. It’s been amazing for my blog, but it hasn’t been good for me.

I’ve reached the point where I want to branch out and try some other avenues, to see what else I’m made of. I’ve always wanted to write a book however, all of my time goes into this blog. I’ve wanted to start my own business and do so much.

So I got a job, started my business and outlined my book. Three very time consuming tasks have just entered my life and guys, I’m so excited. For the first time in a long time I’m excited for the future. But to get through having a job, running my business, writing my book and having a rest, something needs to give and that something is going to be blogging.

I’m giving myself August off, a month to try new things and see where they take me. The plan is to see how I feel about everything in a month time and move on from there. I may need longer than a month, I may not. But I felt that it was best if I gave you all a heads up. By no means is this goodbye, I have no intentions of stopping blogging full-stop. However, I do need a bit of a break.

I’m still going to be hanging around my social media for the month and posting as and when I have time on them, so make sure you’re following for any updates. Also, if you’re curious about what some much of my time is going into you can check out my ETSY store – Hyper Hoot

Thank you for all of your support, and I will see you in a month!

Getting a good night sleep- weighted blanket review

Getting a decent night sleep is a bit of a challenge for me, especially since I’ve been at university. As a kid I could only sleep if I had pressure on my head, what often resulted in me curling into a ball in the middle of my bed half suffocating myself with the covers pilled on top of me. It wasn’t until I was 15 that I got out of this habit after a particularly hot summer resulted in me not being able to cover my whole body and head with a winter duvet. But five years later I still like having weight on me as I sleep, no matter how how it is.

When the time came for me to start shopping for university I made sure a thick duvet was on my shopping list, but I struggled to find one with the weight that my old one had. This issues made me think back to the previous year when I had been researching autism and I’d came across these things called weighted blankets. At the time I loved the sound of them, but the price tag put me off and I was doing just fine with my current duvet and blanket combo, so I never got one. But after researching it a bit more in the past few months as my moving day drew closer, I decided that this was a product that I was interested in and thought would benefit me.

In my final few months at work I put money aside to save up for my weighted blanket and a month before I moved, I ordered one. Continue reading “Getting a good night sleep- weighted blanket review”

Putting yourself out there and the fear of the unknown- the life of a creative

After over a year since the idea was first materialised I hit publish on my Esty store, creating a listing for what I hope to be a fun little hobby in the making.

For those of you who don’t know Etsy is a global, online market place that mainly holds small, home-grown businesses. The majority of things sold are hand-made or of limited amount and the people behind the shops are really accommodating and helpful. I try to make an effort to buy as much stuff as possible from Etsy to support the small businesses there.

Since day one of discovering the platform I’ve wanted to sell on it. I make things for fun and thought it’d be a nice hobby that could bring in a small amount of pocket-money. The only problem was that I could never make the same thing consistently, and anything I did make was never a high enough standard to sell to people.

It wasn’t untill I was studying business and I took part in the £5 challenge that things changed. Continue reading “Putting yourself out there and the fear of the unknown- the life of a creative”