About me

Hello I’m Arabella, a second year student studying Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor University.

I’m a avid non-fiction reader who stumbled across blogging four years ago. Since then I’ve claimed this part of the internet to be the home for my blog. Here I go on frequent rambles sharing my passion for reading and writing alongside talking about student life, mental health and whatever has me excited that day.

You’re most likely to find me in the University’s library or hiding out in a coffee shop (though COVID has put a pause to that) with my trusty Kindle in hand. Whilst I am an overly excitable introvert, I will socialise if bribed with custard creams (the best biscuit in the world) or a new book.

My posts are always on the more casual side, giving me the opportunity to really get to know you guys and build a community of book loving oddballs.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy please do stick around, I’d love to have you here.

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