Behind the blog

When being lost in a story provides more comfort than real life,

you’ll find me here.


With a passion for books, creative expression and trying to offer a helping hand, Lost In The Story was formed in a college corridor when procrastination had taken a hold.

Left for a while with no new posts in over a year, lost in the story was revamped and turned into the blog you see today. Unlike last time though, this version has a purpose.

Untitled design

After suffering with sever anxiety for a fair few years, I developed some very self destructive habits and an eating disorder. During my fight with anxiety I gave my life to God.

Now it’s time for a full jump into recovery from my eating disorder.

This is what my blog is about, turning a painful situation into a good one. God has done so much for me in terms of helping me through mental illnesses and I want to be a pathway to helps others in a similar position to me.

I am still recovering but that does not mean I can’t share God’s awesomeness and love. I want to tell people who are hurting about the God that saved my life. I want to reach out to people who are struggling with their own mental health and tell them about an amazing God who loves them and will be with them every step of the way if you just ask.







4 thoughts on “Behind the blog

  1. I am so delighted to have discovered your blog! It is always encouraging to see someone look to the Lord for healing so early in their life. May you be blessed as you recover from your struggles and I hope we can encourage each other!


  2. What are your religious beliefs? I am a Christian and i truly believe my faith in God through Jesus helped me to overcome my depression when it reached it’s lowest point.


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