About me


Hi there, welcome to my blog.

Lost In The Story was created in a college corridor when procrastination had taken a hold. Soon my blog became my outlet, a place where I could speak openly and connect with others, meeting people I would have never come across in my day to day life. I documented my recovery of anorexia nervosa here and am happy to say I was healed of my eating disorder in late 2018. This is what my blog is about, turning a painful situation into a good one. God has done so much for me in terms of helping me through mental illnesses and I want to be a pathway to helps others in a similar position to me.

So who am I?

I’m an introverted 20 year old who likes to have a good ramble, think of me as a collector of memories. I’m based in England but will be making the move to Wales in September to start University where I will be studying creative and professional writing. Along side blogging my other main hobby is digital concept art and character design. I share my art on a different platform to stop my blog from getting clogged up and you can find that here.

By no means am I a trained professional of any of the things I talk about on my blog, I’m simply an oddball behind a laptop sharing their life and experiences in the hopes of making you smile and offering a helping hand. Despite being an introvert I do enjoy chatting and meeting new people (just behind the safety of my laptop), so please say hi if you’re new here.

Regarding what you should expect on this blog, I’d describe it as a quite space hidden in the internet. I’m not here as a self help blogger, I’m not going to bombard you with posts on how to achieve your dream life or get rich quick… I’m simply offering a cozy corner of the internet you can turn to if you want a breather from life and to listen to a quiet person have a good natter.

I hope you stay and become part of our little community of oddballs.

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4 thoughts on “About me

  1. I am so delighted to have discovered your blog! It is always encouraging to see someone look to the Lord for healing so early in their life. May you be blessed as you recover from your struggles and I hope we can encourage each other!

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