Celebration – 100th post!

I still can’t believe I’m writing this post, I can’t quite believe we’re at 100 posts already. It doesn’t feel five minuets since I was sitting in my college corridor looking puzzled at my laptop as I tried to navigate WordPress’s interface for the first time. How time fly’s when you’re having fun.

I can say with confidence that I never expected to be where I am today, I never expected to ever make it to 100 posts, I never expected to make it to my first year anniversary and we’re now quickly approaching three years with Lost in the Story. Running this blog has been an incredible experience for me, and as dramatic as it sounds, it’s been life changing.

A few years ago blogging wasn’t even on my radar, I’d never really heard of it. It was my dad who introduced me to the idea of blogging after I said I wanted swap over from studying forensic science and pursue a career in writing instead. Blogging was a good way to see if I could write consistently, and maintain the level of motivation that was needed to make a job out of writing. If I got bored of it in a few weeks then becoming a writer wasn’t for me and I should stay on the science route.

Well 100 posts later and I’m still here.

I loved blogging so much that I made the leap from science to writing. I now study creative and professional writing at Bangor University. If it wasn’t for this blog there is no way I would have had the confidence to do my dream degree at my dream University.

You guys have also had a big part to me making it to 100 posts. The amount of support and encouragement I’ve had. I really couldn’t have done this without you all, thank you.

When you hit any sort of milestone you take a moment to reflect on how you got to that point. I spent a good hour flicking through my old posts just savouring the memories that are attached to every single one of them. Of course, whilst flicking through them I couldn’t help but narrow down my favourite posts.

My favourite posts

My top three posts to write

  1. Let’s talk about faith
  2. My favourite things that were only possible with recovery
  3. Making a familiar place strange

Naturally my favourite post is always going to be the one where I talk about my recovery of the eating disorder, it was life changing and a key moment in my life. That post is closely followed by a list of my favourite things that were only possible once I had recovered from my eating disorder. I loved writing this one because it gave me a real chance to sit down and see just how far I’ve come.

Last but certainly not least is the writing exercise that I did at University – making a familiar place strange. At the time I wrote this I was just dabbling into the world of non-fiction and I was so surprised by this writing exercise. It introduced me to a whole new side of non-fiction, a side that I love!

Your favourite posts

Top three most popular posts

  1. A books that shaped my recovery pt2 – Bloom
  2. Getting engagement as a new blogger
  3. What am I doing?

After looking at my favourite posts I couldn’t help but wonder what my readers favourite posts were. Everyone will have different prefaces on topic that I talk about, some of you follow me because you like my writing content and others follow me because of my past posts that were mental health based. There was no way I was going to get the list above accurate to every single one of my readers, but I did try to get it as close as possible. It look a bit of maths but I managed to figure out the most views and liked posts of my blog.

What do you think of that list, do you agree with it, disagree? If you top three list differs to the one above then be sure to let me know, I’d love to hear what your favourite post has been.

My blog told in pictures

Photography has always been a big part of my blog. I’m by no means a professional photographer (I have no idea what I’m doing) but I do try my hardest to take the best photos possible for my blog. Who doesn’t like to look at pretty things. Over the 100 posts I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of photo, it’s been harder since being at University to take the range of photos I used to but that doesn’t mean I don’t try my hardest to make my location work for me.

Bellow is a little photo essay of my blog, starting in the grassy fields in the village where I grew up and ending at the University I so love.

Bangor University

What’s next?

I have no intentions of stopping blogging any time soon, I love writing for you all every week. I’ve found my footing as a blogger and I can really start stepping things up a notch from here on in. I want to start collaborating more with authors and fellow blogger, I want to put into practise the skills I’ve learned through University. The amount of such inspiring people on this platform constantly challenge me to become a better writer and I’m so grateful of all the people I’ve come to know through this all.

There are some exciting plans and projects in the pipeline so make sure you stick around to see them, you do not want to miss them.

Thank you all for you continued support and encouragement, I couldn’t do this without you all. Here’s to another 100 posts!

thing_LI (2)

Cover image source: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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