Things I’m grateful for – pt4

Well guys I’m officially at University!

I’m settling in and feeling ok. I haven’t gotten used to the cold yet or the fact that everything is bilingual ( I don’t speak a word of Welsh) but it’s feeling like home slowly. I was nervous about Freshers week because I don’t drink alcohol, but thankfully no one in my flat does either so it’s been surprisingly nice (and to be honest not drinking hasn’t been such a big deal). By the way, if you want me to write about going through freshers as someone who doesn’t drink then please let me know because it’s something I’d be interest in talking to you all about.

I’m pretty tired from overly socializing (I’m too much of an introvert for university) so I’m going to break myself genially back into blogging and not burn myself out by doing my fourth installment of things I’m grateful for. Hope you enjoy.

Discovering lost memories

Ok, I’m not talking about the times where you’re in your bed and a matter of second before you sleep and your brain goes ‘Remember when you were six and you held a strangers hand thinking they were your mum? Remember how embarrassing that was?’ and suddenly the embarrassing event haunts you all night long. I’m not talking about remember that kind of stuff, I’m talking about the good version of that.

I was walking round uni yesterday and I don’t know what triggered it, but I remembered walking round Stone Henge years and years ago with my dad. We’d traveled hours from where he lived to go there and to a car museum, and sure I wasn’t all that interested in cars but it was fun spending time with him. I even remembered stopping by the service station on the way back and having some mango flavored drink from Starbucks.

It’s discovering small lost memories like that what make me smile.

Hot drinks on cold evenings

It’s no secret that Autumn is my favorite season (though I’m not sure how favorable I’m going to be of these colder seasons at uni as my flat isn’t heated all year round). One reason I enjoy it so much is down the being able to get cozy early on in the evening with a blanket and no one will think me weird for it. I can also stick the kettle on and myself way too many hot chocolate and, once again, it’s not weird. I’ve also found that hot drinks really help me if I’m feeling a bit homesick, so I’m grateful for the fact that my flat has a decent kettle.

Learning how to say no.

My first week at uni was good in the way that I had no real issues managing my pain levels, I also didn’t need to use my walking stick. However, this second week has proven to be more of an issue. Half way through I because to notice I was having trouble concentrating in my lectures because my feet were hurting more than usual. This later increased and I finally gave in and used my walking stick for the first time at uni.

Having to walk to all my lectures and seminars had meant that I’ve had to be a lot more responsible with how far I can push my body. I’m easily making my ten thousand steps a day and I’m starting to suffer for it. Being on my own here means I don’t have a car or a lift to rely on if I get stuck in town, in too much pain to make the mile walk back. Very quickly I’ve had to say no to going out, sports clubs or even going to the cinema on an evening with friends because I had to be aware of what my body can handle. I’m still doing a lot and do say yes to doing thing I know I can handle. But it’s very apparent that I can’t maintain saying yes to ever opportunity that comes my way here and whilst that sucks, I feel that learning to say no is an invaluable lesson.

My flatmates

I was so nervous about moving into my flat, I had no idea who the other seven people I’d be sharing a corridor with would be like. Would I be the only girl? Would they be rude, and leave the kitchen a mess? How would they respond when they see me using my crutches or walking stick for the first time? Would they be loud?

I was so nervous about moving in.

Thankfully, I’m happy to say that my flatmates are all lovely. They’re a very respectful bunch who I can have a good laugh with on an evening. We are in a no alcohol flat (no alcohol is allowed in the flat or our rooms) and none of us drink either what meant we all had something in common. It’s such a big relief that I’m getting on with my flatmates.

Finding a church

So it’s only week two at uni, but even in that short amount of time it wasn’t difficult to find a church. It’s still early days, but so far I’m so comfortable where I’ve been going for fellowship. There’s a really good mix of locals and students and the Christian Union at the university seems very active.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, let me know in the comments bellow if you’ve had any moments this week that you’re particularly grateful for.

Uni life is a lot more intense than I was expecting. Yes, I have a lot of free time but on the other hand I have a lot of writing to do. I have short story to write for my class next week, have to learn how to write shorthand for journalism, a poem to write and edit for a competition in November (I will share it with you all don’t worry) and my reading list is ridiculous. Right now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. On the positive though, already I’m noticing that my writing style is being challenged, how I think about writing is shifting. I have a lot to be doing but I’m excited for what this means for my blog. I have five posts sitting in my drafts pile, all of I’m eager to be share with you, so when I get myself into more of a routine those posts will be making an appearance – make sure you’re subscribed to get a notification as to when they’re live.

Until next time, take care of yourselves guys.

thing_LI (2)




PS: The cover photo was taken at a little bay area very close to where I have my lectures. It’s such a beautiful area tucked away from the public, the photo really doesn’t do it justice. 

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