What you care about

Mixing things up a little today, I’m taking a detour from my usual mental health based chatter and going on a different ramble. I’ve not too long got home, I spent the morning with my brother and had a rather nice time. I’m not sure how most sibling relationships go, but ours is that we don’t really have a lot to do with each other at home. He has 2 jobs and I work on the weekends when he’s free. The time we spend in the same house is rather sparse, so to make up for it we occasionally go out together, just us pair and catch up. It’s truly meaningful time I have with my brother and I cherish it. Our car journey chats are always rich and just so lovely.

We ended up heading out to get breakfast at Rhug Estate, a place that’s quite unique seeing as it’s in Whales and sells bison burgers. The meat isn’t even imported, they have their own heard of bison in the field!

Not sure how the topic came about but today we ended up talking about consumerism and locally sourced meat. My brother and myself were taught a simple lesson by our dad – there is power in your pocket– meaning that where you spend your money has power. Every business is profit orientated and where you spend your money is very important and will give you power over them. It might sound harsh but if I find a business or company unethical I won’t give them my money and support them, I will go somewhere else and spend my money there even if that’s the more expensive option (what it usual is). If I am feeling bolder, one day I might share with you what main stream, large business I refuse to support and my reasons why, but that’s a post for another day.

From this conversation we actually found out that we shared some common view on this, what I was very surprised about if I’m honest. One of these views was sustainable living and single use plastics. Yes, we were talking about the environment and the effects of hyper consumerism ( I think quite a few of you have just switched off but please hang on, I have a point in all of this). My brothers main point of focus is supporting local farmers. His side job is helping out milking cows on a farm and he’s seen first hand from his main job the effect of buying cheep meat from supermarkets can have on local butchers and economy. Educating yourself on the importance of what you buy, where you buy and how often you buy is such a good think to know… a ramble about that is possibly for another post.

I’ve been more purchase conscious for 3 years now. It all started with discovering the zero waste movement. I liked the sound of it but knew that it wouldn’t be achievable in my own life and trying would just be setting myself up to fail. However, after doing some of my own research into the topic I did see and understand the need of some lifestyle changes. So I brought a releasable water bottle and well, things went from there.

My aim is to cut out the majority of single use plastics out of my life by the time I’m 22. I don’t think the zero waste movement is possible. I have to use plastics in my own life, for example my medication comes in plastic strips and I simply can’t do without them. Other people for medical reasons can only use single use plastic straws and not the paper ones that have been introduced. So this ideal zero waste isn’t going to be achievable for me, but I want to live more suitably. If you’re interested in how I’m doing that, then make sure you’re subscribed as I’m going to be talking about it next week.

As I found myself talking to my brother about my thoughts on this topic, I found myself getting more and more into it. Turns out it’s a topic I have a lot of time for and a big interest in. What begged the question, why haven’t I shared it with you guys before?

I share my passions with you guys, you know about my battle with anorexia, my faith, you were there as I made my way through college. Over time this community has grown and I’m happy to share with you all. My last post, a letter to my childhood self, was one of the most vulnerable I’d wrote with Let’s talk about Faith being close behind. Despite all of this, I haven’t discusses this other area that I’m interested in. Yes, mental health will effect an awful lot of people and the number of people suffering from eating disorders is growing so I understand the importance of talking about these topics. However, sustainable living kinda impacts everyone.

From all of this I’ve been giving it some though as to why I’ve never shared my thoughts on this topic. At first I thought it might be because I wasn’t educated enough to speak about it however, I know a little bit more than your average consumer so it couldn’t be that. Then I got thinking that it might not really suit my blogging style, but I’m a mish mash blogger who hasn’t pinned themselves down to too much and that works for me, so once again it couldn’t have been the reason. It took a bit but I think I worked out why I never shared that interest, I don’t think you guys would be interested.

There’s the common eye roll that occurs when people speak of anything that might make you think they’re this crazy eco warrior and I worry that people will view me like that. I don’t want people to think I only care about sustainable living as I saw a video of a turtle with a straw stuck up it’s nose. I first took an interest in sustainable living when I was 8, we had a drama group come in school and educate us on recycling in a really fun way. Later on I remember walking through the checkouts at Aldi with my mum, looking at all the plastic bottles of water and wondering where the hundreds of them that lined the sides would go when they had been used. I would wounder where all my plastic tooth brushed would go when I was done with them. My interest in sustainable living is a well rooted one.

To say I was disappointed in myself for not talking about such a big and important interest of mine is too strong of a word. However, I was surprised at my lack of confidence in myself. Lost In The Story is my blog, my safe space of the internet where I have rambles and make some friends along the way, I don’t share this blog with any other authors so it’s my space to control. I know a post about sustainable lifestyle choices that are good for the environment will get less views (people aren’t all that interested) but I am a little deflated that I let that get in the way of things.

I enjoy this small community and appreciate every single one of you, it makes me want to write good quality, interesting posts for you. I want to be authentic and original to myself every step of the way and to do so I have to be true to myself. Being true to myself is talking about things I’m passionate about.

Why am I telling you all of this?

I want you to know that what you care about is important, your passions and enjoyments are part of your character. In an age of social media it’s so easy to fall into the trap of becoming like everyone else for popularity sake. To think ‘If I do this like them, look like them and talk like them I will feel liked and valued‘ is so dangerous. We were all created individually by God, even identical twins have different fingerprints. Every single one of us is different with different interests and that’s so cool. God must have thought there was a need for you in the world because you are the only version of you that exists and that’s no mistake.

Why copy everyone else when you’re not like everyone else?

I care deeply about people recovering from anorexia, I care especially about the number of females suffering from anorexia who are autistic and how treatment isn’t being catered for their needs as a nerodivergent individual. I also care deeply about sustainable living, supporting local farmers and economy’s and the amount of plastics and chemicals that we’re exposed to. I love the country side and outdoors, I don’t want to see that polluted and destroyed. My hobbies consist of blogging and solving rubik cubes and if you ask me about a rubik cube you better cancel your plans for the rest of the day because I will talk about it non stop. All of theses things are what makes me, me. They’re what makes me different from the person standing next to me. These differences are something to be embraced and not hidden.

I want to try and empower you to feel that what you care about is important.

It doesn’t matter what other people think, don’t make my mistake and become shy and not talk about topics because you don’t think people will find it interesting. The internet is a wonderful thing (most of the time) and you’ll find your people. You have a voice, so use it.

If you take anything from today post then please let it be this, what you care about matters.

thing_LI (2)




Hiya all! 

Hope you enjoy today’s post, it was one I was a tad nervous about sharing with you all. You guys have been so supportive over the past month and the kind messages and comments have really made me smile. This community is growing and I’m continuously blown away every time you read my posts, I’ve never deemed myself interesting or worth more than a shadow so to see you guys keep coming back is a really humbling experience. As a thank you I’m currently trying out a few new things for my blog in an attempt to make it a better experience for you all.

One thing I have done is set up a Ko-Fi page, for those of you who don’t know it’s a way that you can support me as a writer by buying me a coffee what can then be put towards a larger goal (in my case it’s to update this blog’s engine room so to speak and create a better reading experience for you guys). On the page I’ve explained a little bit more in detail all about that. But I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you all for your kindness this month. I’ve been in a pretty dark place on and off, but you guys have really helped me smile and carry on with my writing when all I’ve wanted to do is sleep and hiding under my covers. 

Thank you all so much and I’ll see you soon. 

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9 thoughts on “What you care about

  1. This is your blog. You write about whatever you wait, and I’ll read it because I’m your friend and I care about you. And it’s important for people to know these things. Thank you for sharing.

    (To me, it’s a more complicated issue than that, but I don’t want to stir any proverbial pots on here.)

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  2. What an amazing and wonderfully worded post, and I love your message at the end! It’s so true we can get caught up in the life of others and we forget what makes us, us. It’s so great to hear you are sticking to your guns and positing what you want, I love your posts❣💜

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  3. I think it’s super important to “vote with your dollars” as my boyfriend and I say. We really focus on eating grass-fed, pasture raised animals and are about 80% organic/clean-eaters. I know I’ve recently begun being more focused on my “carbon footprint” so to speak. My parents were shocked to learn that their daughter recycles! I told them, “Yes! If the bin is provided of course I’m going to take every action I can to recycle and create less of an imprint. My mom replied that she’s glad at least “our” generation cares. 🙂

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  4. This is a great post- very honest and open. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If sustainability is something you care about (and have the urge to write about), then please do it! Those who are interested will read, and you might even pick up a few new readers (hi!). You won’t be getting any eye-rolls from me 🙂 Also, try not to worry about the term ‘zero waste’; as you said, it isn’t a particularly achievable or reasonable goal for anybody. Simply doing what we can to reduce our impact (even if it’s only something small here and there) is enough. Good on you ♥︎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words 😊 I think it’s something I’m going to try and put into practice more when I’m at university and have my own place where I can make more of my own lifestyle choices. Knowing that I do want to blog about it in the near future has really helped me make more conscious decisions so I know I’m minimising the risks of me being a giant hypocrite.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that’s great 😁 And I think we can all be a little hypocritical sometimes- or maybe it’s just that our actions don’t always align with our words. It isn’t hypocrisy as long as our intentions are true, even if we do stray off the path occasionally!

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