It’s not about a building (NW)

A brief introduction to New Wine


For the past week I’ve had the privilege to serve on team at New Wine. After telling people this they tend to ask me what on Earth New wine is. My reply is usually along the lines of its a really big Christian festival.

In truth it’s far more than that.

New Wine is a place for people to come and worship God, to learn, to be ministered to, to meet people, to pray and to be prayed for. A place to spend time with God.

New Wine has always been the best week of my life.

This year was my forth year going yet my first serving on team, on my second year going I gave my life to God what was the best decision of my life. About 14,000 people was said to go this year, understandably not everyone is going to like the same thing so it’s split into different areas, some by age, other by preference of venue or style of worship.

I was working with the youth.

New Wine youth is split into several sections, I decided to brave VIBE. Vibe is one of the youth cafes and when I say cafe I mean the only things they serve is loud music, dancing and amazing company, not forgetting table tennis and Xbox.

Last year a member from the Vibe team prayed with me during the main celebration and I grew a large amount of trust towards her. In a crown of over 1000 youth she searched me out several times just to see how I was doing. I was truly touched by how much she cared. Simply by talking to me she had reflected so much of God’s love and I wanted part of that. It was what this team member did for that made me brave filing out and submitting my application for for Vibe.

Fast forward a year and somehow I made it on team. I want to my first team meeting and anxiety’s ugly head appeared. Everyone seemed to know each other what was so intimidating! You could identify what team we are from by our shirts, vibe being in the blue so it was easy to spot who was where. Everyone was smiling and hugging, what meant that they were friendly but for someone who doesn’t know social ques in groups I found intimidating, especially when from the off you could tell that they were loud and outgoing.

This being said, I came to New Wine with a determined mine, anxiety and the eating disorder had rid me of most of my friends other than a final two. If anyone could love me, it would be Christians. So ignoring a screaming mind, I socialized.


Above is the group photo of us all at the end of the week.

I’ve read so many times how church isn’t about a building. The people in your church are basically your family, this is something I’ve spent my entire christian walk struggling with. I know there is no such thing as a normal family, but I feel that I do come from a bit of a weird family, both by blood and by church. I know I’m cared for by the people in my facsimiles, they express kindness in ways that I don’t always get but I know they care. Yet I still struggle with feeling like church is my family and opening up to them, what isn’t a knock down about my church, they’re all lovely, anxiety and the mistrust that is caused by it is just a problem.

Being on team really opened my eyes though. So quickly I felt like I belonged, was the loud like most of them? Nope. But they still accepted my and cared for me like a family would. When I became ill they thankfully didn’t listen to my stubborn attempts at refusing a night or day off and with a hug they kicked my out and told me to go rest.

This week has really made me understand that it isn’t about a building, we were worshiping in a cow shed! We wasn’t in a grand building and yet God still meet with us all, He performed miracles and I felt closer to Him than I have all year. I wasn’t at church with people I’e known for years, I was with strangers but these strangers became family.

I’m going to be taking about New Wine for a while, it’s a been a week of miracles, healing and hope. In my next post I’m going to be going more in depth of the some great things that God has done, so keep your eyes open for that, It’ll be up in a day or two.

So whilst this is a short post where I haven’t touched on some of the amazing things, I just wanted to give you an introduction to this mini topic and just explain where I’ve been for the past week.

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