Tonight I was at a little fellowship in Whales, I haven’t been going too long but I’m enjoying it. It’s not my main church but I’m finding a lot of meaning in meeting other Christians.

Tonight we did a little bible study what was really encouraging in itself. However, there was something else that someone said that struck me tonight, it is as followed,

God’s love is like the Ocean, people are along the side but few ever live on it and even fewer go diving all the way.

This got me thinking.

Last week I came back off a little break away at the sea side with my Mum. We stayed in a relatives caravan. There was very little for us to do there, no WiFi, pretty excluded place and poor TV signal. However, there was one thing I absolutely loved. We were less than a minuet walk away from a little private beach area and when I say less than a minuet, I mean we could see it from the caravan

Tide was in!

This beach was lovely, it was clean, very quiet and had lots for me to take photos off. We spent a lot of time walking up and down it.

There was something quite peculiar about this beach.

It was full of jellyfish and I’m not talking small ones!

Photo credit to my mum

I’m not a good swimmer but I do enjoy walking in the sea, I’ll never go above knee height but I’ll still go in it. However whilst I was there I didn’t even go in further enough for my ankles to get wet. Reason for this was down to the squishy pink things that are more commonly know as jellyfish. I was scared of getting stung.

The logical part of me knew that this was highly unlikely. Most of the jellyfish we saw on the beach was the result of the strong moving tide and them simply getting stranded when it pulled back on a morning. The likely-hood of one being in the shallow in low tide was slim simply because the tide wouldn’t have been strong enough to push them towards me. So realistically there was no real chance of getting sting by a giant jellyfish but I let the fear stop me from enjoying myself.


Weirdly this links back to what was said tonight, how God’s love is like an ocean.

For me I’m too scared too go deeper into the waters, into God’s love. This is because of two reasons.

  1. I’m not a strong swimmer

Not being a strong swimmer means I can’t go very far or deep in waters, I physically can’t swim that far, especially in the sea where I can be pushed back to shore or further out in some cases. With my relationship with God it means that I can’t swim deeper into God’s love because I’m not strong enough to make the journey. The tide is pushing me back to shore away from God and this does this in the forms of ever increasing anxiety’s and finding eating very difficult right now. By myself I can’t do it. I’m too weak.

Good news though, is that there are wonderful things called buoyancy aids! These give people a helping hand when they’re learning to swim. Buoyancy aids can come in many forms, through relationships with other Christians and their support, the holy spirt helping and even answers to prayer that strengthen out faith.

Next problem was the jellyfish.

I didn’t go into the waters that far because I was scared of getting stung and this ties into not going deeper in a relationship with God. I’m scared that I’m going to get hurt. I’m scared of abuse I could get for it when I start reaching out, of getting attacked because I’m now a threat as I’m actively serving God and I’m scared of losing relationships and friendships with people because of it. I’ve never been stung by a jellyfish before, I don’t know how much it hurts and to be honest I don’t particularly want to find out either, so I walk on the shore with only the bottoms of my feet in the ocean.

Here’s a funny little thing that I found out when I was there though. We read this in a little leaflet.

If you are stung by a jellyfish do not scratch it and lightly cover in ocean water to relive the pain.

So if you get stung you turn to the ocean to help ease the pain. Isn’t this what God does?

If we as Christians get attacked, hurt or stung we can go back to God and still rest in His love, whats as vast as the ocean. Will the pain go instantly? Not always. But no matter how much we are attacked we can go back to God and know that we are deeply loved and cared for.


So it’s just an encouragement.

Dive a little deeper.

It’s something I’m going to be encouraging myself to do a lot more and I hope you’ll be able to do the same.

Swim a little further into God’s love.


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