Tempting promises to pain

There’s two things that I didn’t know about what happens to your body when you starve it, until they happened to me.

  1. Hair loss
  2. Dental Problems

When you lose too much weight the common misconception is that you becoming skinny will be the only thing that will happen. This is a lie. Sever weight loss can cause you to lose your periods (it’s not as good as it sounds ladies!), pass out, lose your hair, lose friends, lose people’s trust in you, lose relationships, lose your teeth and even lose your life.

Something like an eating disorder can sometimes start off as a promising aid and help for some people. An eating disorder is a promise to pain. What started as a promising thing lead to pain and unforseen consquences. Kinda like temptaions of things we know are wrong.

I don’t often have an amazing attention span on a Sunday mornings, I dont’ sleep well the night before so am a little groggy, but if there’s one thing that I’ve taken away it’s that temptation looks pretty, hence the name. It looks pretty, it looks like a perfect quick solution that requires very little time, effort and most of the times it appears to come with a no strings attached policy.

Stopping eating seemed like the perfect solution to my pain. It was something that I was in control of. I was in total control, or at lest that was the lie I kept telling myself .

The lie- Stop eating and you’ll feel better.

I didn’t start off with anorexic like symptoms, my eating disorder came from a place of simply wanting to control something, to give me relief of a confusing world I was living in. It stemmed as something as innocent as a child like fear with no desire to hurt myself through it.

That’s how the majority of temptations seem to start. They don’t always appear to have consequences, but they do. They might not be visible but they are there.

Soon I started to look in the mirror and things seemed wrong. I don’t know exactly when I developed body dysmorphia or the anorexic symptoms. They didn’t come at once I know that much. It was a slow process that I didn’t see coming. When I did finally come to the realization that the eating disorder now controlled me, the damage had already taken place.


This brings me to what I wanted to talk about today. Early I mentioned that temptations were nice looking not only because they looked appealing with no strings attached, but also because most of the time they seem like instant fixes and solutions to problems.

I’m often left with two choices when a temptation through food arises. Like today, everyone was out and I was home alone. This meant that I had to be responsible for my own food.

Option 1– The temptation

No one is home, I can get away with not eating a meal. Nobody will know

Option 2– The things that I know God would want me to do

I don’t want to eat but it’s the right thing to do because I need to eat to survive. 

“It is for freedom that Christ has set up free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery” Galatians 5:1

At one of the sermons I went to at New Wine we were reminded of this passage. The message behind it was simple. Jesus has set us free. So, STAY FREE!

Temptations are going to come your way, but stand firm.

Walking with God isn’t the quick and easy option. It isn’t always going to be pretty either. Sometimes it’s full of pain but God is in control. God isn’t going to come with empty promises and then at the end dump a load of horrible debts or pain on me, no, God isn’t going to do that. Walking with God isn’t always easy but it is so worth it! Today I wanted noting more than to not eat when everyone was out. It was such a tempting offer! But it was an offer that would have left me feeling guilty and ashamed, I would have slipped back down the slope I’ve been trying so hard to climb back up.

So when a temptation comes you way just pause for a second and give it some thought.



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